Single vs. Not Single Revisited

27 Dec

Oops…I did it again…I fell in love, only to have my heart ripped out and stomped on.

I had just written a post on the advantages of Being Single and didn’t even heed my own advice.

I recently heard someone say that it is easy to fall in love (way to easy). I think it is God’s way of making sure his children live on. How many babies are produced in the first six months of “in love” relationships? I don’t know but I figure, a whole lot.

Since my office is next door to the child support office. I see multiple of men and women flocking into the office. Why? Generally, because they made a baby before either partner knew what hit them and now the child suffers.

So back to me on my latest love experiment. I know, I know, an experiment, that’s not romantic. Well, it is my blog so that is what I call it. I broke my two top rules to let the latest love into my life. Take it from me, we have rules for a reason. Rules are there to protect us from ourselves.

I had come to believe the latest advice to “wait” for the right one, in the meantime, just keep taking care of yourself and the be best person I can be. Well, the latest love was my next door neighbor who I didn’t meet until she came over after I lived next door to her for three months. Yes, people, I waited and this is the thanks I get.

I even changed my view of why God moved me to Ardmore. I believed that he moved me so I can meet my next door neighbor. I mean how often does that happen? Well, it never happened to me before.

In this latest love experiment, I really never got my footing. Meaning, I never felt comfortable with the other person (since I had violated my top two rules). However, in so many relationships, everything is just wonderful until…it’s not. What happens? And how do others maintain long term relationships? What are they doing that is different than the rest of us? Are they just more accepting and loving? Are they just more dependent on that person?

Very recently now, I know of two (over 20 year relationships) come to end. The biggest reason they stayed in that long was for the kids. How do you think the kids feel now that you lived a lie for all of those years to yourself, to your spouse and to your kids?

So now what for me? My mom’s advice (as always) is to leave the ladies alone for a bit. But that is hard for this “ladies’ man”. I know one thing for sure, I won’t break my two top rules again.


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