28 Dec

Following the release of the (former) Dallas Cowboys player’s alcohol results from a recent crash (not an accident) that ended his best friend’s young life, I have decided to write this post.

The (former) player’s BAC was over .18 at the time of the crash, following a night out at the clubs in the Dallas area. The legal BAC limit is .08 in Texas, as it is in most states. But why? How many times have you drove after a few drinks? Did you really know your BAC? Probably not.

Playing with BAC limits makes no sense. The BAC limit for driving should be 0.0 or layman’s terms: zero BAC. That means if you have one drink, you don’t drive (at least for the next hour or so). Alcohol usually leaves the system at about a drink an hour.

I get so tired of hearing of DUI deaths as “accidents”. It is no accident when one chooses to drink and then drive.

If you ever get a chance, drop in on a Victim Impact Panel or a similar panel (usually a survivor of a drinking/driving fatality speaks about his or her experience). One story, I read about was about a guy (actually a police officer) who investigates a drinking/driving fatality scene which turns out to involve his own wife and baby who died at the hands of a repeat offender. The guy tells others, “…the third fatality was me. Life, as I knew it, ended when I opened those cadaver bags. I had all that I had ever desired in life and it was gone in an instant.”

Please do your part and only drive on a zero BAC.



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