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Silver Linings

24 Jan

I was moved to write this post after experiencing the movie, Silver Linings Playbook starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. 

This will not be a movie review but the story made some important life points.

First, people with mental health issues need access to mental health treatment. Thankfully, I have my job because some people have been given access to mental health care.

Second, people with mental health issues who get treatment usually see the world more clearly and honestly than the average folks. The average folks don’t want to believe this but it’s a simple truth. 

With this clarity and honesty, they are able to live more fulfilling and enriching lives. 

Third, in this material world (created by MaDonna in the 80’s-LOL), it is refreshing when people enjoy the simple pleasures of life like listening to the other and truly enjoying their company. And not for what they can provide (materially) but what they give of themselves to the other. 

Lastly, real people really like being around those who are truly authentic and true. 


No. 100

19 Jan

Wow! This is my 100th posting on this blog I started exactly a year ago.

By the way, if you have any interest in blogging, just go to to get started. The best part: it’s free.

It has definitely been a roller coaster year as I chronicled in this blog. The year ended on the down side romantically as the one I loved decided that she couldn’t commit for the long haul.

However, on the professional side, my year ended on the up slope after most of the year (really over 2 years) in the dump.

My most popular posting was when I wrote about my termination from the Ponca Tribe in March. I think my readership was at its highest level then as it has dwindled considerably due to politics I believe.

I also got a lot of “hits” when I wrote about romance. I guess people are most intrigued by job and heart losses.

I started this blog as a tool and precursor for the behavioral health practice I started. Yes, I just got approved as a Medicaid, individual provider and I am certified to conduct adoption studies. However, I got away from my vision to provide sound behavioral health advice and experience when I got stung by the political bug.

I justified that I was still being helpful by representing and educating readers on the issues that are so near and dear to us like education, jobs and peace. However (I like that word), as I learned early in life, two things that you don’t talk about are: politics and religion. I found that to be very true in both areas. I believe in keeping an open mind and heart and others just don’t so they get pissed and turn away which is very unfortunate.

As a result of my first year blogging, I will get back to focusing on behavioral health issues in this particular blog. If I choose to go outside that realm, I will simply create a new blog.

I have had over 1400 “views” of my work so far. I am very honored and touched to have reached so many so far. Thank you for being one of those viewers and please encourage others to read this blog or others.

Raise your coffee cup as I raise mine as I toast to a better year and a better world!

God Bless You!