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Suicide can be Prevented!

10 Apr

Two recent suicides got me thinking….and you know what that means…I have to write a post or two.

The first person who put a firearm in her mouth and pulled the trigger “had” been a successful country singer. She leaves two young children behind.

The second person was the son of a pastor of a very large church out West. He was only 27 years old.

What did these two people have in common, I believe? They both suffered from severe depression. Not the “feeling blue” or “down in the dumps” crud but the real deal.

Severe depression in this country is taken so lightly because it is (like many illnesses) misunderstood or not understood. Severe depression keeps a person from finding joy in their daily life. Severe depression keeps a person unmotivated to do anything, including taking care of basic needs.

Severe depression has many causes. Some of the causes that change the brain’s chemistry are: guilt, shame, and anger. A lot of people are abused in some form or another in this country and all three causes mentioned usually come along with that abuse.

Generally, people who suffer with severe depression “attempt” to self-medicate with alcohol or illicit drugs. However, whatever chemical it may be, it only provides short term relief for the sufferer but that doesn’t stop the person from continued use of the substance.

For some fortunate souls, their severe depression is “cured” or in remission per say. They have usually dug to the root cause(s) of their heavy cloud, deal with it and move on. Others like the two I mentioned at the top of this post just don’t dig deep enough and/or soon enough which leads to the tragic results of untreated or mistreated severe depression.

I get so tired of hearing that suicide is a selfish act. For the sufferer they “believe” they are a┬áburden to others and they just can’t take any more pain, so ending “their” life seems like the only option at the time. That’s why it is so important to intervene when someone is suicidal (thinking and talking about suicide).

So I implore you, take the illness of severe depression more seriously and if you or someone you know is suicidal, intervene and get the help they truly need.