My Life…Your Life

5 May

Good Sunday afternoon! If you are a Bulls and/or Thunder fan, it is definitely a good day.

Today I want to start a new dialogue. Quite simply, instead of referring to one’s “past”, let’s just refer to one’s “life”.

U see I get tired of hearing about how “your past” affects your present. How “your past” shapes who you are. How you must let go of “your past” to move on. Move on to where?

So what I am proposing is looking at “your life” as a whole not in parts (past, present and future). For example, during “my life” I have done some good things and not so good things. During “my life”, I have learned a lot about LIFE.

By taking this angle, you get out away from blaming others and events from “your past” for how you ended up “today”. You simply look at your life as a bunch of experiences, some good and some not so good. Really, when it comes down do it, that’s what life is: “our experiences”. 

I experienced being part of a great team of friends and competitors back in high school and college. That experience really didn’t make me who I am today. It was simply “my experience” as part of “my life”. I experienced many years of higher education and again those years didn’t make me who I am today. It was simply an experience of learning and socializing. 

Part of this “my life” angle is the premise that I really don’t think you can truly “let go” of anything. Everything that I experienced in “my life” is still a part of me, rather small or big.

The other part of this angle is that “my life” has gone so fast. I remember vividly receiving my high school diploma (some 29 years ago) and really it feels like just yesterday. Where did all of that time go? It just went and I had experiences. Some good and some not so good.

Think about what I have just postulated. Instead of fretting about the past or the future, just strap in and experience LIFE to the fullest of your abilities, interests and whatever else!

God Bless U!



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