Time to Move…

24 May

Oklahoma made the national news this week. Not for something good, of course. The central part of Oklahoma was hit AGAIN by a 200 mph twister. The same town, Moore that was hit in 99′, was hit again. 

I live in the northern part of Oklahoma where a major bad-boy tornado hasn’t visited in a long, long time. 

The natural disaster left behind more questions than answers for me. First, why would you choose to live in Tornado Alley? Especially, after you were just hit 14 years ago and had to rebuild. Second, why wasn’t the school that suffered loss of lives have a safer place for its inhabitants than “following the tornado drill?” 

Third, if you choose to live in “Tornado Alley”, it should be mandatory to have a safe room or storm shelter on your property. Lastly, why would you choose to put your family and animals in the path of frequent tornadoes? Does that make any sense? Parents are so careful in so many other ways but then they place their families in a high risk area like Moore, OK. It’s crazy. 

I just don’t get it. The governments (local, state and federal) regulate just about everything in our lives but they allow its citizens to live in high risk, dangerous places like New Orleans, near major fault lines in California, on ocean banks (i.e. sink holes), and of course allowing people to reside in the “Tornado Alley”. 

This is very similar to the observation made by late comedian, Sam Kinison who joked that people who suffer from hunger live in the desert (in Africa). He remarked, if you don’t want to starve, move out of the desert. Makes sense to me. 





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