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Feeling Safe?

21 Feb

Are you feeling safe today? I am not feeling safe for the first time in a long time.

Since mentally ill and untreated Adam Lanza, killed 28 people (that includes himself), Oklahomans (I live in OK) and Americans have been buying up tons of guns of all sizes and tons of ammo.

That is the reason I feel less safe today, not in my humble home but once I leave my home. The gun industry, including the NRA has done a fine job of promoting FEAR to the people and that only way to feel SAFE is to own a revolver or a firearm that shoots up to 100 shots a minute.

You know the NRA was started to train new rifle users how to use their weapons safely. Fast forward more than a century later, and NRA only seems to  cares about gun rights, not gun safety. Firearms owners don’t have to participate in testing or training to own a gun or use a gun. They just  need to have the money. Before we are able to drive (legally), we are tested and trained. Why can’t it be the same for firearms owners?

It has been studied and studied some more that when you combine an untreated mentally ill person and a firearm, it is a bad combo. Why are people so ashamed to get their loved ones the help they need? Is it because they think it is a reflection of themselves that this loved one turned out sick?

I have never owned a firearm and never will (that is one never I will really stick to). Firearms have absolutely no appeal to me like they once did when I was a 12 year old boy. I don’t want to shoot a defenseless deer. I don’t think it is fun to shoot a target, hundreds of times (boring, boring). And definitely don’t need a firearm in my home for “protection”.

The funny Bill Cosby used to own a gun but then sold it. A few years later, his 27 year old son was killed by a gun toting criminal. There was nothing his son could have done to stop that person from shooting him. Having a gun on his person wouldn’t have stopped his killing.

A former police official in New York, during his tenure, went after the bad guys who had guns and the homicide rate was cut in half.

However, in today’s FEAR climate, since more people have more firearms at their disposal with their hundreds of rounds of ammo, more BAD GUYS will have access to firearms, hence more bad results.

Listen please: If you live with someone who hits you, get out and get help. If you live with someone who has mental or behavior issues, get them help and you get help. If you know someone who is suicidal, take it seriously. Stand by them, don’t give up on them. They have probably already given up on themselves.

And finally, be kind and considerate to those you come in contact with. We have enough FEAR and unkind and inconsiderate attitudes and acts going on, we don’t need to add more. Image